With over 75 years experience in the field, Appearance Awning and Canvas has the skills required to meet your need for custom made canvas products. We have happy customers all over the world and as close as your neighbors.
We have made many items over the years. We've covered entire buildings, we've lined missile silos and we have made the prettiest awnings you've ever seen. The best thing about our work is that we enjoy doing it! Because we are proud of the work we do, we thought it was time to showcase it.
You are cordially invited to have a look around and if you have any questions about our work, please call us or click on the Contact button at the top under our logo and shoot us an email.
We'd love to hear from you!
3-15-08 007 (Medium)
Excell cover (Medium)
6-07-07 028 (Medium)
Sta-Tite Roll Tarp (Medium)
6-07-07 052 (Medium)
MDWFP2 (Medium)
6-07-07 057 (Medium)
6-07-07 060 (Medium)
Presidential Unit Citation Flag (Medium)
Teal Overall Party Boat Cover (Medium)
8-12-08 003 (Medium)
Trailer Cover (Medium)
101_0012 (Medium)
Air National Guard (Medium)
Parkman 3 (Medium)
Harrisville FD Hosebed Cover (Medium)
P1240331 (Medium)
8-12-08 006 (Medium)